Our Story

The Feel Good Family’s mission is to inspire other families to enjoy their adventures together – a family that plays together stays together!


Hello, we’re Paul, Katie and Jasper! We are just a normal Aussie family that were looking for fun and healthy ‘FEEL GOOD’ experiences that would add value to our lives and give us more quality time together! We hope in sharing our experiences you will be inspired to take control of your dreams and adventures and live a Feel Good Family Life!


We had been searching for the ‘answer’ to creating a better life for our newly formed family since our little miracle baby, Jasper, arrived in September 2016. That incredible moment that made us change from being a couple into a family was the culmination of an emotional 4 year journey with 6 rounds of IVF, and endless questions that had no answers or reasons that we could understand. Following Jasper’s birth, there was still one question that we were determined to find an answer for, “How do we create an environment and lifestyle that will celebrate and promote us to Feel Good as a Family?” The answer was very clear…”Be in control of our health, experiences and our time!”


Our purpose is to maximise our time together as a family and live our fullest lives possible. By focusing on what’s most important to us and why – togetherness, experiences, gratitude, and making lasting memories – we hope to inspire other families to take control of their dreams, their adventures and health, and live a ‘Feel Good’ family life!


We feel very fortunate to be on this journey, adding value to other’s lives and making a positive difference in the world. We are excited to be sharing our story and our passion, and know that it will help you to Feel Good too!