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Feel Good in Coober Pedy, Outback SA

by agent72

One of the quirkiest and remote towns in South Australia, Coober Pedy is unique in so many ways. Known as the opal capital of the world, and famous for its incredible underground dwellings, this fascinating town is definitely one for your must visit list when travelling through the vast South Australian outback!

Welcome to Coober Pedy!

Located 850km north west of Adelaide, 2000km south of Darwin and 2500km west of Brisbane, getting to Coober Pedy is half the fun! We travelled from Adelaide, breaking up our drive with overnight stays in the historic towns of Peterborough and Quorn and a night off-grid at the Glendambo Roadhouse. We also stopped for a rest at Woomera to check out the rockets and missiles on display.

Coober Pedy Moon Plains


There’s no mistaking you’ve arrived in Coober Pedy, with its incredibly unique landscape dotted with thousands of huge piles of mining tailings. Whilst there are a number of caravan parks in town to choose from, and a variety of underground accommodation options if you are not travelling in an RV, we chose to stay at a fantastic Hipcamp property called Coober Pedy Views and enjoyed uninterrupted panoramas over some of the most incredible country we’ve seen to date.

Coober Pedy Views Hipcamp Property


The absolute highlight for us was the half day tour with Aaron from Noble Tours Australia, one of the best we’ve been on during our travels, and very reasonable in price. The tour takes in 7 different locations around Coober Pedy including an underground mine, underground house and underground church, as well as the remarkable landscapes of the Moon Plains and culturally significant Breakaways.

Coober Pedy Private Opal Mine


And of course no trip to the opal capital of the world is complete without trying your luck at noodling for yourself! There are dedicated areas around town that allow you to fossick for opal without the requirement of a permit, and a number of mine sites that offer a paid tour and fossicking experience. We enjoyed some night noodling using a shovel, sieve and an ultra violet torch that allows the opal to shine bright and be found amongst the darkness.

The Breakaways

Check out our YouTube Episode for more great things to do in Coober Pedy!

For more details visit https://www.cooberpedy.com

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