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Sailing on the Spirit of Tasmania – Top 10 Tips

by Katie Guerin

If you are planning to caravan or motorhome around Tasmania, chances are you’ll be taking your vehicles over to the small island aboard the Spirit of Tasmania. Here’s our Top 10 Tips – everything you need to know before sailing:

1. BE PREPARED (But don’t be early)

Check out Spirit of Tasmania’s website for all your pre, during and post sail information. They have a great itinerary and road trip planner, plus a fantastic pre-sail checklist to ensure you are 100% prepared for your trip. Checkout opens 2.5 hours before your sail time (in most cases) and closes 45 minutes before sail time. The check-in and boarding process is systemised and easy!

2. BIOSECURITY (Know what you can’t take with you)

Spirit of Tasmania will send you all the information you need to know about what you can and can’t take into Tasmania, upon booking. Take the time to read through the information and check out the FAQ on their website for full details. For a full list of Tasmanian biosecurity requirements, visit Biosecurity Tasmania. 

3. TOILET BREAK (Especially the kids)

A mandatory toilet break for everyone travelling before you commence the check-in process is a great idea, especially for the kids! 

4. FUEL RESTRICTIONS (Taking a car or camper?)

Spirit of Tasmania will send you all the information on what you can and can’t take onboard. Read through the fine print and check the FAQ on their website for full details. If you are travelling with a vehicle or camper there are restrictions on carrying fuel, LPG and propane, so best to be prepared.

5. BOOK A CABIN (Especially if you have kids)

Crossings can be anywhere between 9-11 hours depending on the weather conditions so booking a cabin is a great idea. You’ll have a private space to retreat to when you need. And, if you are sailing overnight having a bed to sleep in, as well as a private toilet and shower, makes the journey much more comfortable. 

6. FEED THE FAMILY (Don’t go hungry)

There are so many dining options on board the Ship to keep the troops happy and full, plus a number of bars and lounge areas to ensure every member of the family is satisfied!

7. TOURISM HUB (Purchase your National Parks Pass)

Pick up your National Parks Pass at a discounted rate, plus there are loads of brochures and information on everything Tassie – from regions to experiences and attractions. 

8. EXPLORE THE SHIP (Pick up a map at Reception)

Pick up a map of the Ship at Reception and have fun exploring the decks, facilities and activities. There’s something for everyone!

9. WAVE GOODBYE (To Melbourne City)

Find a good spot on the port side of the Ship and wave goodbye to the city. If you are sailing at night the city lights are beautiful! Be sure to be on deck 15 minutes after sail to get the best view!

10. KIDS PLAY ZONES (Decks of fun)

There is plenty of fun for kids of all ages. There’s a play area for the little ones, a games arcade, and two cinemas for the bigger kids.

BONUS TIP (Don’t get sea sick!)

The Bass Strait is notorious for big seas that are no fun to cross. Be prepared with sea sickness tablets just in case. We love to use our doTERRA Essential Oils like Ginger and the Digestive Blend to keep us feeling our best when we are on the high seas!


Check out our YouTube episode #131 for our complete Tasmania Touring Guide – what you need to know before you go! Including the best campgrounds, best foodie experiences, best waterholes, best tours and attractions, best free activities, the locals favourites, and Tassie’s #1 destination. As well as the must have apps, maps and resources that you’ll need to make the most of your time in Tasmania! Plus the Top 10 Tips for sailing on the Spirit of Tasmania. 

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