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Midge & Mosquito Buster – DIY Spray

by agent72

There’s nothing worse than having your camping trip spoiled by pesky midges and mosquitos! And if you’re anything like us, avoiding the nasty chemicals and toxic sprays can be really hard when the bugs at are their worst!

Thankfully we have a number of go to essential oil blends that can be applied (diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil) directly to your skin to help keep the bugs at bay, and others that provide soothing relief for bites and itching.

This DIY Midge and Mosquito Buster is a great and simple recipe that can be used to spray around your campsite, on the ground, mats and camp chairs to deter the bities from entering your environment, ensuring your camping trip is the best possible experience!


3 x flat beers (leave the lids off overnight)

1 bottle of mouthwash

1 cup of Epsom salts


Add all ingredients to a bucket or large container, and stir well. Fill up a spray bottle/s and store excess solution in an empty bottle or air tight container.

Spray around your campsite as often as needed to keep the bugs at bay!

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