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Vegetable Soup

by agent72

From the Thermomix Basic Cookbook

We make this delicious and nutritious soup in our Thermomix, however it can easily be adapted to the stove top using a blender in the final step.


300g potatoes (cut into 3cm)

1 tomato, cut into halves

80g onion, cut into halves

1 garlic clove

400g mixed vegetables (carrots, leek etc)

Vegetable stock

Ground black pepper, to taste

600g water

20g butter or olive oil


Place potatoes, tomato, onion, garlic, mixed vegetables, stock, pepper and water into Thermomix mixing bowl and cook 25mins/100 degrees celsius/speed 1. (If cooking on a stove top, add all ingredients to a large soup pot and simmer over low/medium heat until vegetables are cooked through and soft)

Add butter or olive oil and blend 1min/speed 5-10, increasing speed gradually. (If using a blender, add small amounts to your blender and blend slowly, gradually increasing speed to avoid mixture overflowing)

Serve hot with an extra sprinkle of black pepper.

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