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Yummer Summer Grilled Mango Cheeks

by agent72

This simple, healthy and delicious dessert is seriously so good! Ever wondered what summer tastes like? This is it!


2 ripe mangos

Coconut oil spray

Coconut sugar

Shredded coconut

2 drops dōTERRA Lime Essential Oil *

Thick Greek-style yoghurt, to serve


Pre-heat BBQ grill, chargrill pan or electric frypan – medium-high heat.

Cut mango cheeks close to the stone. Spray cheeks with oil, sprinkle with coconut sugar and cook mango, cut side down, for 2-3 minutes or until sugar caramelises. Remove and cool.

Serve mango cheeks scattered with extra coconut sugar, shredded coconut, dōTERRA Lime Essential Oil and yoghurt. Enjoy!

* When cooking with essential oils only use the highest quality purest oils available. We choose dōTERRA for this reason. If you prefer, you can substitute for the juice of a freshly squeezed lime.

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